Class 14: Friday!!! 9/25/2020

Warm Up:  Back to normal

  • All Students -- 1:30 Google Meet -- Use the link in Google Classroom (or watch the video -- class playlist).
  • All Students -- Practice:
  • In-Person Only:  Mr. Stapleton slideshow
Class 13: Thursday, 9/24/2020

No Warm-up 


Class 12: Wednesday, 9/23/2020

No Warm-up 

Class 11: Tuesday, 9/22/2020

No Warm-up

Class 10: Monday, 9/21/2020

Warm Up:  

1.  The position vs. time graph on the right is intended to show two intervals of constant acceleration. Find the approximate values of those two accelerations.

2.  If we have time, sketch an acceleration vs. time graph of a pedestrian's left foot.


  • All Students -- 1:30 Google Meet -- Use the link in Google Classroom (or watch the video -- class playlist).
    • Discuss the homework and other items that were added to last class (green highlight)
    • Questions about the test?
    • No Google Meet Tomorrow or on Thursday.  Wednesday Meet is Gold and Remote only.
  • Blue Cohort:
    • Get rope.  When you have time (probably after the test), learn to secure a load with a Trucker's Hitch.  See details from last class -- especially Video #1.
    • Test tomorrow.  Study.
  • Gold Cohort:
    • Unit 2 Assignment  #1 -- Vector Addition: 
      • Here are the first few handouts for this unit [Combined handout with notes, vector addition practice, and river problems  Word version].  I'm sorry I didn't already copy these for you.
      • Watch the Video and take notes (or print them, or just find them on my website when you need them):
        • Introduction to the new unit (kinematics in 2 dimensions), Mr. Pennington's brief notes
        • Head-to-tail Vector addition (last year's warm-up) -- the relationship between the components and resultant.  Adding vs. resolving.
      • Complete the vector addition practice.  Here are my solutions. I included the answers after #6.  I did them quickly.  Let me know if I made any mistakes.
Class 9 Friday, 9/18/2020

Warm Up:  Mr. Chase pointed out that there are 9 types of motion.  This is based on the fact that Velocity can be +, -, or 0, and acceleration can also be +, -, or 0.  This video of a spring-bound object oscillating on an air track demonstrates 8 out of these 9 types of motion.

1.   Identify where in the video each of those 8 types of motion occurs.

2.  Which type of motion is not demonstrated?


Class 8 Thursday, 9/17/2020

Warm Up:  

What would the graphs look like if you graphed acceleration for these event #2?  We are only doing #2 together, but try the rest if you want. My answers -- Note that my total areas under the curve for 1 and 2 should be zero, but they're not.  I should re-do them some day.

1.  A PE student runs from one end of the gym to the other and back (wall to wall) as fast as possible.

2.  A basketball is dropped from high above a gym floor and bounces back up until its velocity reaches zero.

3.  A skydiver steps out of a plane, begins to fall, opens a parachute, falls some more, and hits the ground.  [Assume all motion is vertical.]

4. How would you use dimensional analysis to convert 4m/s to mph?  Mathematically speaking, why does dimensional analysis work?


Class 7 Wednesday, 9/16/2020

Warm Up:  Match each position vs. time graph with the correct velocity and acceleration graph.



Class 6 Tuesday, 9/15/2020

Warm Up:  

Sketch a graph of acceleration vs. time for a suction cup Nerf dart that is shot at a wall.  Start your graph just before the dart begins to move, and end it just after the dart stops.

  • All Students -- 1:30 Google Meet -- Use the link in Google Classroom (or watch the video -- class playlist).  *** I'm stopping this meet at 2:00 today -- unless people want to stay later for questions.
    1. Homework questions?
    2. Optional:  Memorize kinematics formulas for extra points on the test.  You can use this Quizlet.
    3. Unit conversions (by multiplying by 1) -- example -- convert feet per day to meters per second
  • All Students -- Practice:  
    1. Complete the rest of Mr. Pennington's Old 1-D Kinematics Test Answer Key. video help
    2. Optional homework in case you want unit conversions practice -- Unit Conversions Practice
  • In-Person Only::
    • Mr. Stapleton Slideshow
    • Preview of shelter project
    • Work time?
Class 5 Monday, 9/14/2020

Warm Up:  In the physics world, an object is in "free-fall" as long as gravity is the only force acting on that object.  The object may free-fall upward or downward.  Near the Earth's surface, the acceleration of free-falling objects due to gravity is approximately -9.8m/s2

Consider the case of this ball.  At t = 0s, the ball is free-falling directly upward with a speed of 20m/s.  Sketch graphs of the ball's position, velocity, and acceleration (vs. time) over the next 4 seconds. [For simplicity, use g =10m/s2 instead of g = 9.8m/s2]


Class 4 Friday!!!!, 9/11/2020

Warm Up:

1. For letter a, on the right describe what an object could be doing in order to have both positive velocity and positive acceleration.

2.  Do the same for the rest of the letters.


Class 3 Thursday, 9/10/2020

Warm Up:

Use the velocity vs time graph on the right to sketch: a position vs. time graph.


  • All Students -- 1:30 Google Meet -- Use the link in Google Classroom (or watch the recording later on the class YouTube channel). Just in case I mess up today's video, here's a video of the same notes from 2017.
    • Did anyone watch the motion matching video and have questions about it?
    • Review/Discuss the homework
    • Mr. Stapleton Slideshow -- pictures since last September
    • Complete Acceleration Notes -- Answer Key
  • All Students -- Practice:  
    1. Complete Graph Comparisons [p.7 & 8 of the Unit 1 Handout]    Graph Comparisons solutions  Extra Video Help
    2. Mark this assignment complete in Google Classroom!
  • In-Person Only:
    • Get physical copies of the handouts for this week and next.
    • Practice names/pronunciations
    • Work time
    • Relax? Go outside?
  • Mr. Stapleton Only:
    • Don't forget to enter attendance!



Class 2 Wednesday, 9/9/2020

Warm Up:

For each letter, describe what is happening to the person's speed and direction during the 10 seconds represented on the graph.  


  • All Students -- 11:05 Google Meet -- Use the link in Google Classroom (or watch the recording later on the class YouTube channel).
    1. Warm-up
    2. Reminder that this hybrid model thing is an engineering work in progress. We can try different strategies.  Share your ideas.
    3. Briefly review the homework -- Take a quick look at the answers.  If you want more explanation, watch this video.  If you still have questions, ask them tomorrow.
    4. Notes:  Work through 1-D Kinematics notes. Here is a filled-in version: 1-D Kinematics notes Answer Key
      • Gold and remote cohorts won't have physical handouts.  I will have them available for the Gold group tomorrow.  If remote students want paper copies, we can work out some method of pickup.
  • All Students -- Practice: 
    1. Complete #5-8  [p.5 of the Unit 1 Handout] in 1-D Kinematics notes 1-D Kinematics notes Answer Key
    2. Mark this assignment complete in Google Classroom!


Class 1: Tuesday, 9/8/2020

Physics 200: Mr. Stapleton

Warm Up:

Spin one of the "sprotating cylinders" by pressing one end until it squirts out from under your finger.  Try pressing the other end.

When the cylinder is spinning, why do you only see the symbol that you press?

Slow motion