STEM Academy Ukulele Building


The overall plan:  this project will take at least 5 advisories/FLEX days.  If we don't have that many STEM days, you can do some of this during a regular FLEX, or at home.

  1. Today:  Design the sound hole (and possibly other laser-engraved art for the top of the body.
  2. Body assembly -- steam bending sides and assembly.  This is probably the second hardest part.
  3. Glue the body.  Assemble and glue the headstock.  Specify your scale length.
  4. Mark fret locations and add the frets (by wrapping with 100# fishing line).  This is probably the hardest part to do well.
  5. Add strings and tune.

Today:  Draw a personalized design for your ukulele top.  It would be great if you could get this done today, but you can turn it in any time this week or next.

Ukulele Top Template (Rhino 6 File -- .3dm)