Stem Friday 3DP Instructions:


  1. Open Rhino 5 (sometimes there is trouble with the 64 bit version).
    1. Select the "small objects, millimeters" template.  
    2. If you get a message about a zoo server, use this server --
  2. When Rhino opens, you should see a vertical tool bar on the left side of the screen.  If you don't have the tool bar, it's easy to restore them, watch this video.
  3. Familiarize yourself with the gridline scale.  The small grid squares are millimeters; the large ones are centimeters.
  4. From here on out, "click" means left click.  Don't click and drag unless told to do so.  Just click and let go.
  5. Make a box.
    1. Confirm that the Standard tool bar tab is selected.
    2. Click the box tool (blue cube) in the tool bar on the left.
    3. In any viewport (Top, Front, Right, or Perspective), click to begin creating your box. 
    4. In the same window, move your mouse to adjust the size of one wall of your box and click again to set the size.
    5. Unless you're in the Perspective viewport, move your mouse to any of the other viewports to adjust the depth of your box.  Click again to finalize the depth
  6. Switch out of wireframe view in the Perspective viewport.
    1. Find the Perspective window. 
    2. Click on the drop-down menu tab next to the word Perspective. 
    3. Select either Shaded or Ghosted.
  7. Practice changing your point of view in various windows.
    1. In the Top, Front, and Right windows, adjust your view (Pan) by right clicking and dragging.
    2. In the Perspective window...
      1. revolve around the object by right clicking and dragging (looks like the object is rolling, but you're moving around it).
      2. Pan by shifting and right clicking while you drag.
  8. Delete your box by clicking on it and then pressing the delete key on your keyboard.
  9. Use individual 3-D shapes to build one object.
    1. Restrict the size of your object so that it fits in a 4cm X 4cm area in each of the windows (Top, Front, and Right)
    2. Create individual shapes using the shapes in the cascading tab next to the box tool.
    3. Overlap the shapes by dragging them around in various windows.
    4. Add or subtract shapes to/from one another by using the Boolean Union or Boolean Difference commands in the cascading tab next to the Union tool (overlapping spheres)
  10. Save your creation to your F:drive.  This will save a Rhino file.
  11. Prepare the .stl file for the 3-D printer.
    1. In the File menu, click save as
    2. Set the location to your F:drive
    3. Enter your name as the file name. 
    4. Click on the save as type drop-down menu
    5. Choose STL (stereolithography) (*.stl)
    6. Click save.
    7.  An export options window will open.  Click okay.
    8. A file type window will open.  It will be set to binary.  Click okay.
  12. Email (as an attachment) your .stl file (not your .3dm) file to
  13. Mr. Stapleton will set up the 3-D print on the Ultimaker 3.  Your print should be ready by Monday.  The PVA support material will need to be dissolved.