Water Rocket Guidelines/Info:


  1. Maximum group size = 3 students.
  2. The pressure chamber will be made of at least one uncompromised 2-Liter Bottle*.
  3. A protected capsule area must be incorporated to hold the foam housing for a PockeLab Voyager sensor.  This capsule area must be a cylinder with circular ends equal to the rocket fuselage interior cross-section, and at least 10cm in length.
  4. The capsule area must have perforations to facilitate pressure equalization between the inside and outside of the rocket*.  A torch and nail will be provided for this.
  5. The neck area of the pressure chamber must remain free to accept the jaws of a Pitsco Aquaport launcher.
  6. No dangerously pointy objects (e.g. nails) may be attached to the rocket's tip.
  7. All provided energy will come from 100psi of added air pressure.


Provided Materials:

Crucial Design Considerations: