Motion Detecting – Motion Matching



The purpose of this activity is to get you acquainted with some software and hardware that we use often.

1)    LoggerPro:  the software that works with different probes to collect, store and graph data.

2)   LabPro Mini:  the hardware interface that probes attach to and sends their data to LoggerPro.

3)   Ultrasonic Motion Detector (MD): uses echo-location just like dolphins and based to determine the position of something that reflects sound.


Today we will be using the motion detectors to measure the position of you and your lab partner(s) .





 1.  Log on to the server.  Get a LabPro Mini and plug it into your computer using the USB cord.  Save the twist tie in the box.  The driver will probably have to install itself.


1.5 Get a motion detector and a cord for connecting it to the LabPro Mini.  Connect the detector to the mini, which is already connected to the computer.
















































Collecting Data

Have a lab partner stand in front of the motion detector and click on the Collect Button ().  Observe how LoggerPro draws a red line that shows the position of your lab partner.  His/her job is to move back and forth in front of the motion detector so that the red line matches the green line.  Keep repeating by clicking on the collect button until you are satisfied that it is a good match.  This is practice.  You do not need to save or print your graphs.


There are 8 position match files altogether.  Each person should do at least 2 different matches.  These matches should be different from your lab partners’.