Physics 100:  Newton Sled Video Analysis Directions

  1. Open logger pro
  2. Insert a Newton Sled video.
    1. Find the video in the I: drive; Stapleton; Physics 100; Newton Sleds
    2. Choose the 100g launch first
  3. Adjust frame rate to 480fps (right click on movie and choose movie options; then override frame rate to 480)
  4. Click the dots on the bottom right of the movie screen to get into analysis mode.
  5. Use the sideways ruler tool to set the scale using either the length of a floor tile or the length of the sled.  Make sure that your green line stretches along the middle of the sled -- not closer to the camera or farther from the camera.
    1. Floor tile = 0.305m
    2. Sled Length = 0.23m
  6. Advance the video until the rubber bands fully engage with the projectile (wait until the bands are hugging the projectile).  Then write down the "time" in the upper right of the movie frame.
  7. Use the crosshairs tool to click on the position of the projectile.  Pick a specific point on the leading edge of the projectile and click on that point every time.
  8. Continue clicking to collect data until the back of the projectile is even with "goal posts" formed by the screws on the sled.  At this point, the rubber bands are finished with their pushing.
  9. Select all of the data in the data table and copy it [click on the data table; ctrl+A; ctrl+C].
  10. Open the Newton Sled Spreadsheet Template in the I:drive volder where you found the video.  Rename it and save it in your folder.
  11. Paste your Logger Pro data into the top left cell of the appropriate section ["100g Launch -- Force Pushing Projectile" table] in your Excel spreadsheet.
  12. Perform Acceleration and Force Calculations in Excel
    1. Enter formulas into the yellow highlighted cells of the "100g Launch -- Force Pushing Projectile" table. 
    2. Make sure that your formulas begin with a equal sign =.
    3. Note that 1,000g = 1kg
  13. Save your spreadsheet.
  14. Return to Logger Pro and collect data for the sled acceleration and force
    1. Choose "new" under the file menu.
    2. Find the same video as before and set the scale and frame rate as before.
    3. Advance to the same time that you wrote down in number 6, above.  The counter is in the top right of the movie frame.
    4. Now click on the leading edge of the sled, not the mass.
    5. Transfer data to the next section of the Excel spreadsheet and calculate acceleration and force in the yellow cells.
  15. Save your spreadsheet.
  16. Repeat this process for the 500g launch video.
  17. Save your spreadsheet.
  18. Upload your spreadsheet to the Newton Sled Analyses folder that has been shared with you on your Google Drive.