Physics 100 Final Exam - 2014

Part A:  (Written)  Questions will come from the tests and quizzes below.  If you understand how to answer the questions and solve the problems presented on the practice items below, you will succeed on the final.

  1.  Momentum, Impulse, and Machines: p,Ft, and machines practice Test   Video: how to solve impulse and momentum problems  ballistic pendulum solution
  2. Mechanical Waves Test:  This year's mechanical waves practice test  Video of Practice Test Answers Last year's stuff (Waves Test Review  PDF of answers  Video:  Going over Waves Test review (going over practice test)
  3. Instrument Test: Instrument practice test  Answers to Instrument Practice Test  video of review
  4. Electricity Quiz:   Electricity Quiz Review  Answers to electricity quiz review

Part B: (Performance)  During the performance part of your final, you will be expected to complete one or both of the following.  The task will be chosen for you.

  1. Using Audacity, open a sound file simulating the sound produced by an approaching car.  Determine the car's velocity by applying your knowledge of the Doppler Effect.  Formulas will be provided.
  2. Calculate the theoretical mechanical advantage of a real machine.  The machine will have a clearly measurable input distance and output distance.  Determine whether the machine's purpose is to multiply force or to multiply speed.