1. Log on to a laptop (not a chromebook).

  2. Download and open a copy of the Continent Project Map Template.  If, for some reason, this link is not working, I can email you the file.

  3. Open the template and save it on your F:Drive.

  4. If you don't have tools on the left, click tools (at top), options, tool bars, and restore defaults.  Then click all of the "okays" and close the program.  When you reopen the file you should have toolbars.

  5. Enable osnap and choose end so that you can connect multiple lines.

  6. Choose a tool or tools to draw your continent.  Some options are

  7. Draw your continenent so that it meets these requirements:

  8. Save your completed model on your F:Drive.  Name it "[your name]".  This will be a Rhino file with a .3dm suffix.

  9. Create a jpeg image of your continent. 

  10. Open your new .jpeg file and print a copy.   The default printer should be in C113.  If not, select that printer.  If that printer isn't available, check with Mr. Stapleton to find a suitable printer.

  11. Show your printed map to Mr. Stapleton for approval before sharing your files.

  12. Upload both your Rhino file model and your jpeg image to your Google Drive, and set their shared settings to "public."

  13. Submit your continent model and .jpeg using this Continent Model Submission Form