EPS 200 (Stapleton)                                                                                        

Hot Air Balloon Practice Test


Part 1:


For 90%...

1.       Open Rhino and select the template for small objects in inches.

2.       Create a truncated pyramid.

3.       Scale your pyramid so that its surface area is between 1,750in2 and 2,250in2.

4.       Unroll the pyramid into its individual surfaces.

5.       Save your original solid pyramid in case you want to try for the bonus points later.  Just push it off to the side.

6.       Use the rectangle tool to create a rectangle that is 50 inches wide by 80 inches long.

7.       Arrange all of your pyramid pieces so that they fit on the rectangle.

8.       If you are happy with 90%, skip to #10

For 100%...

9.       Use Osnap to arrange your pyramid pieces into the most complete net that can be fitted on the rectangle you have created.

10.   Save your file on your F:drive.  Include your name in the name of the file.

11.   If this were a real test, you would email the file to Mr. Stapleton.

For 5% extra credit, show that you know how to prepare a file for 3-D printing in the library…

12.  Install Cura on the computer you are using.  Hopefully Ms. Narechania can show you how to install it.  Mr. Orton has added an installation shortcut to the science folder that you can find by clicking on "all programs" in the start menu.  You cannot find the Cura installation shortcut by searching.

13.   Delete everything but your 3-D shape.

14.   Resize your shape to something reasonable for 3-D printing.  At the very least, it should fit in an 8” x 8” x 8” box.

15.   Open into the tools tab and change the units to millimeters.

16.   Save it has a .STL file.

17.   Load that file in Cura and create a .gcode file. 

18.   Save this file with your name in the file name and email it to Mr. Stapleton.


Part 2: Correctly enter formulas to complete this spreadsheet.  The spreadsheet should calculate the temperature of hot air in a balloon for any values entered into the yellow cells.