This project is for students who did not and will not complete the Plate Tectonics stop-motion animation video project.

Project Requirements:

  1. Create high quality cross-section diagrams of two different tectonic features.  You may choose any of the features from the videos below except for a transform boundary. Watch at least one of the videos below and create diagrams that show all of the features that are shown in the video.  
  2. Your diagrams will be graded on:
    1. Accuracy and completness.  Make sure that you correctly show and label all of the features from the video.  Any labels that appear in the video must also appear in your diagrams.
    2. Ease of use.  The diagrams must be easy to understand.  This means they must be reasonably neat, and all of the characteristics should be clear.
    3. Size.  Each of your diagrams must fill up at least half of one side of a standard 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper.
    4. You may not choose to diagram a transform boundary.  Any two of the other features listed below are okay.
  3. Since this is an alternative assignment that is replacing an assignment you have failed to complete, there will be an automatic 10% deduction from your grade.  This means your maximum score is 90%.
  4. Turn-in this assignment in either hard-copy (paper) form or scan it using a high quality scanner and e-mail it to
  5. Links to videos showing how to draw the diagrams: