EPS 200 (Stapleton)

Experimental Design 1.0

With a partner or alone, begin your experimental design.

1.       Choose a testable question that relates to a possible difference between two groups of data.  This must be a realistic, interesting question that will give you some good practice designing an experiment.  Clearly identify the independent and dependent variables.  You must get this okayed by Mr. Stapleton before proceeding. 

2.      Begin creating a data-collection protocol for your question.  You're probably more familiar with the terms procedure or materials & methods.  The word protocol can have different meanings, but in the context of science a protocol is a very clear procedure that is carried out exactly the same way every time.  Fine-tune your data collection methods until your measurements are precise and until all extra variables and the effects of bias have been eliminated.  Confirm that your methods are a logical way of attempting to answer your experimental question.   [In reality, it is not possible to eliminate every variable; if there are some important variables that you cannot eliminate, you should mention them.  Other students may be able to offer suggestions for controlling those variables.]

3.      Create a video of your methods.  At the beginning, announce your question and identify your independent and dependent variables.  Then show and tell exactly how you will collect your data.  Your goal is to convince the viewers that you have designed a high quality experiment with  results and a conclusion that can be trusted.  Your video will be shared with the rest of the class for feedback (on controlling variables, measurement precision, bias, logic, etc.).  You will be receiving feedback from other groups, and you will be giving feedback to other groups on their methods.

4.      Upload your video to your Google Drive.  Use the advanced sharing settings to share with "anyone with a link."

5.      Paste your link in this form (link on website and emailed to you) and then fill out the rest of the form..