Directions for Creating and Submitting Your Animation Video:


1.       Copy your photos from the student drive to your drive. 

a.       Create a special folder in your drive for your animation photos. 

b.      Name the folder something sensible, like “animation photos”

c.       Hold down the control key to select all of your photos on the student drive.

d.      Drag the photos from the student drive into your folder.

2.       Insert your photos into Moviemaker.  There may be a delay until you can do anything with them.

3.       Put your photos in order, if they are not already in order.

4.       Select all of the photos. (Ctrl + A).  Use the edit menu to change the duration.  Something between 0.2 and 0.5 should be good. 

5.       Watch your video. 

6.       Add a title at the beginning and the end.  You will need to seled the "home" tab to add a title.

7.       You may want to adjust the lengths of some of the photos. ("edit" tab)

8.       You may also want to add captions and/or narration. ("home" tab)

9.       Use the file menu to save your project.  Save it on your drive in the folder with your photos.

10.   Watch your video and decide whether or not you should add some more photos.  If you need more photos, create them, add them to your folder, and then add them to your movie.

11.   When your movie is all done, use the “save movie” tab to create your movie.  Save your movie in the same folder with your project and photos.  The name should include your name and your Plate Tectonics feature.  It will take a while for your movie to be created.

12.   Upload your video to your Google Drive.

13.   Change your uploaded video's sharing settings to “anyone with a link.”  Copy the link.

14.   Fill out the Google Form to submit your video.  Paste your video link into the form.