Course title and number:  EPS 100


Semester/year:  2015-2016                           Block:


Teacher name: Jonathan Stapleton              Teacher email:


Teacher phone extension: x1501


Blocks/times/locations available to meet with students outside of class, including AST: 

A78, B34 – Library, Science Office, or D104.   Flex Block – C211.  B12(study hall) – C112.


Course website:



This is an introductory course designed to provide students with scientific literacy in the physical and earth sciences. Topics are explored through inquiry, discussion, math applications, projects, lab investigations, research, engineering, and technology.  Physics and Chemistry are woven into the three major topics of Meteorology, Astronomy, and Geology.


Teacher’s goals:

1.    To provide useful tools for understanding and dealing with our world

2.    To provide interesting challenges

3.    To make science make sense and fit together in a meaningful way

4.    To respect the value of my students’ time

5.    To be reasonable and have fun

6.    To ensure that my students feel safe and comfortable


Course Topics (order may vary):

1.    Meteorology

a.    Physical Properties, Pressure, Buoyancy

b.    Kinetic Molecular Theory, Cloud Formation, Winds

c.    Weather and Climate

2.    Geology

a.    Plate Tectonics

b.    The “Rock Record”

3.    Scientific Inquiry and Design

4.    Astronomy

a.    Solar System

b.    System of The Earth and Moon

c.    Stars and The Universe

5.    Human impacts

6.    Physics

a.    Motion

b.    Newton’s Laws


Online Resources: 

Almost all class information can be accessed online. Assignment names and grades will be posted on PowerSchool.  Links and support material for those assignments will be posted on  Videos accompanying class notes will be uploaded to the MisterStapleton YouTube channel.


Retaking Tests and Quizzes:

In this class, any test may be retaken – including retakes.  Retakes will not be identical, but they will be similar in format and content to the original test.  At times, retakes may be offered during class, but most often it will be up to the individual to student to schedule a retake time outside of class.  When a test is retaken, the best test score is kept.  Please do not retake a test unless you have taken steps to improve your understanding.


Homework Policy:

In this class, the purpose of homework is to help students master the concepts that are being taught.  Therefore, completion of homework is rewarded with a grade based on completion and/or effort.  However, the completion of homework is not required.  You will not receive a zero for missing a homework assignment.  In this class, the more homework you do, the more it counts (up to 50% of your total grade).  Completing your homework is a great way to learn the material and to help ensure that you get a higher grade in the class.


Making up Missing Assignments:  Make up an assignment by finding the missing assignment in PowerSchool.  Note the due date of the assignment in PowerSchool and then use that due date to find the assignment at  Keep in mind that you will find assignments with the class day when they were assigned, not with the class day on which they were due.


Deductions for Late Work:  Unless otherwise specified, unexcused late work will receive a 10% deduction when it is turned in within a week after its due date.  Work that is turned in later than one week may receive an increased deduction, depending on the extent of its tardiness.  No points are deducted from late tests or quizzes.


Notebooks:  Save all handouts (tests, notes, project guidelines, etc.) in a 3-ring binder. 


Assessment/Student Evaluation:


Quarter Grading and assessment:  Tests & Quizzes:  at least 50%.           All other assignments: up to 50%


Mid-year/final assessments:  At EHS, mid-year and/or end-of-year/course assessments provide authentic, meaningful experiences designed to measure student learning and achievement. These assessments may be written exams, performance tasks, and/or projects.  Exams count for 20% of the student’s semester grade.




·         Be on time.

·         Be respectful and courteous.

·         Help keep the classroom neat and clean.


Please see the Student Handbook for additional information related to policies and student expectations:

I have read and understand the expectations for Mr. Stapleton’s EPS 100 class.



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