Begin preparing midterm project (more details to come -- and work time next week):

1.     Brainstorm global problems/solutions

2.     Narrow your search to at least three possibilities, including...

o    At least one that you are excited about

o    At least one that you think is definitely doable, to some extent

o    At least one that would help you, personally

3.     Research each potential problem/solution

o    Clarify the problem (and/or describe its scope)

o    Identify the beneficiaries of your solution

o    Describe the prior art.  What attempts to solve this problem, if any, have been made already?

1.       skate vehicle – break the world record for speed under human power on skates (ice and/or inline

a.       break the world record for speed under human power on skates (ice and/or inline) – For ice skates, the record is 36.8 mph.

                                                               i.      Pavel Kulizhnikov on 20 November 2015 in Salt Lake City during his 500 meter world record race, with a lap time of 24.31 seconds and an average speed of 59.23 km/h (36.80 mph).

b.      Why this record is breakable:

                                                               i.      Ice has very low friction. Little energy is lost during a resting glide.  There is no rotational mechanical energy, as there is with a bicycle.

                                                             ii.      Ice skaters’ current limitations:

1.       The amount of time they can apply force

2.       Air resistance – standing position

3.       The muscles they can use to apply force (legs only, in one particular position/direction)

                                                            iii.      How skating works

c.       Historical skates

d.      Ice boats

                                                               i.      Speed records


2.       Portable Hydroelectric Generator

a.       Examples

b.      Affordable DIY version

3.       Sustainable making at school

a.       Connector System

                                                               i.      2 part stapler

4.       Improve and monitor Hot Tub Efficiency

5.       Passive home cooling techniques

a.       Cheap/Easy Awnings

b.      Sail/tarp over house

c.       Seasonal house fans